Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Texas Proud"
Pen & Ink/Rouged Oils
DECORATIVE PAINTING                  
What is Decorative Painting anyway?   I have been "painting in some form or fashion since I was a child....always the "creative one".  I have always longed to be the perfect painter.  Not possible...but it's been fun learning and trying to do what I have seen in magazines and pattern books.  It wasn't until a few years ago that I actually considered myself an artist.....I was told by a very wise woman once..."if you pick up a brush, pen, or pencil and put it on a surface...you are an artist"....

I know from experience that anyone can learn to paint.  All it takes is the desire to do it....
I thought I would share this definition of "Decorative Painting" with you....I read it somewhere and thought it's so true....

*Decorative Painting is the application of paint to any surface to enhance and decorate.  Decorative Art is used to beautify our surroundings and includes the use of many media and surfaces.  Decorative Painting is a "teachable art."  Anyone can learn to paint and create beautiful projects on both functional and strictly decorative surfaces.
This is especially true doing the Pen & Ink/Oil Rouging technique that I teach and love so much....if you have always wanted to learn to paint...give it a try...you will be amazed at what you can do even if you can't draw a straight line or have never picked up a brush before....it's mistake proof and lots of fun and results are guaranteed....
check it out...take a look at my website for information... judybdesigns.com 

The pictures I have posted are two of my original designs...you can do it too!

"Bluebells & Butterflies"
Pen & Ink/Rouged Oils on glass

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