Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Double Duty Gift

Well, the season is upon us. I am not ready for it. So much shopping to do...so little time!

I am posting something new for the Christmas season...the Fall wine/stem glass markers were so much fun I wanted to make some more. I decided this time I would make a gift instead of a project.

I know how busy everyone is this time of year. Some printing out and cutting will have to be done, but hopefully these will save some time, be useful and maybe even given as a gift ...thus...the

"Double Duty - Wine/Stem Glass Marker/Package Topper"

Download the image
Size it so that the image is 3" across.
Place it on your page...you can get 6 to a page.
Print them onto card stock.
Cut them out.

If you are using them as a glass marker cut straight across in the place shown then cut out the center.

Let your guests put their names on the bow tails, slip onto the glass stem and your guests won't loose their drink!

If you want to use them as a package topper/nametag...simply cut them out, add the
name of the package recipient and tape it on.

I wish everyone the very best for the holidays.... Merry Christmas,

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun Free Fall Project

I really love Fall; although here where I live there aren't many real fall days.
I love the change of colors, and the crispness. The gathering of families and all the food start the holiday season which I cherish.

I have a free, fun, fall project to share.

Wine/Stem Glass Collar

Whether you want to Ink & Rouge or Paint with Colored Pencils it's fun to add your own touch to your holiday meals with a wine/stem glass collar. I have done some wine/stem glass collars and I thought I would share them with you. If you like them you might want to make your own for your holiday meals. I have included the pattern and directions for the ones I created or you can just use mine...

Copy the photo, size it so that the image is three inches across. Copy and paste it on to a good card stock 6 times. You can get 6 to a page. Cut it out, cut a hole across to the center and cut the center out. Now your guests can add their names to the banner and they won't loose their glass!


If you would like to add your own fall colors just use this
pattern and directions for the Wine/Stem Glass Collar:

Just downoad the pattern, size it so the image is three inches accross. Copy as many as you want onto watercolor or other heavy paper suitable for colored pencil or inking and rouging. Add the fall colors you want to your leaves and background.
Cut straight accross to the center and cut out the hole. Let your guests put their names on the banner and they will have something you made for them and they won't loose their glass!


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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Full Moon and Jasmine

This blog has absolutely nothing to do with my art...but I wanted to share anyway....

The full moon is a beautiful sight. I don't know if it's the fact that because of my birth sign, I'm supposedly ruled by the moon, but I am very drawn to a full moon. Some very nice things have happened to me during the time of a full moon.

I watched a baby girl get so excited because the full moon was in the sky. I had to smile because I felt the same way.

The full moon accompanied by the wonderful smell of the blooming Midnight Jasmine in my back yard made me stop and appreciate...just being here!

Back soon with more pondering....