Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Bluebonnet trials...

I have been working on converting my "Texas Treasure" Pen & Ink/Rouged Oils picture into colored pencil...I have made quite a few attempts as it has been harder than I thought it would be and I'm not sure why because I have done lots of colored pencil things.  I just wanted it to look as good as it does done with Pen & Ink/Rouged Oils...there are lots of things to think about...the flower is very unique and I have to say doing it in Pen & Ink/Rouged Oils is so much eaiser!!!, but I wanted to be able to share what I learned...I will be posting my progress so check back often...

Decisions, decisions...white paper? blue paper? texture? smooth? burnish, don't burnish, dark value with this color? medium value with this color? highlight with this color? and what happens if ???..... here are a couple of things I have tried so far      

(some of the photos didn't come out very clear,
but I think you can see it)

I started with the decision to try blue Mi Teintes paper...getting it on the  paper several times so I could compare the things I liked with what didn't  work well...then trial and error...lots of trial and error with different            colors to get it just right.

 I'm working with white Mi Teintes paper next and then hand made paper....then eventually I will post the things that work well and lood good to me and I may want your opinion so come back and see this one finished and the progress with the rest.

Thanks for looking...

In case you didn't get to see Bluebonnets along the Texas landscape this spring...In each of my Bluebonnet posts I will share a few of the photos several of my friends shared with me so you can enjoy what they saw.... God's art is beautiful!

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